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Toners 101: The Best Asian Beauty Toners for Your Skin

by Haruka Jifuku 26 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Toners 101: The Best Asian Beauty Toners for Your Skin

Toners 101: The Best Asian Beauty Toners for Your Skin

If you've ever wondered how to achieve that coveted, lit-from-within glow that makes you feel like you can conquer the world (and look fabulous doing it!), then you've come to the right place. Say hello to your new skincare bestie – Toner! From clarifying concoctions to hydrating heroes, we'll dive deep into the magical world of toners and discover just how they can take your skincare game to the next level!

The Benefits of Toner

The benefits of toner in skincare can be numerous and vary depending on the specific formulation and ingredients used, but some of the common advantages include:

  1. Balancing pH levels

Toner helps to restore the skin's natural pH balance, which can be disrupted by the use of harsh cleansers. Maintaining the appropriate pH level is crucial for the skin's barrier function and overall health.

  1. Hydration

Many toners contain humectants, such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid, which help to attract and retain moisture on the skin's surface. This extra hydration can be beneficial for all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated skin.

  1. Enhanced absorption of other skincare products

By prepping the skin and removing any barriers (like dead skin cells and excess oil), toner allows other skincare products, such as serums and moisturisers, to penetrate more effectively and deliver their active ingredients deeper into the skin.

  1. Minimising pores and controlling sebum

Some toners contain ingredients that can temporarily tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. Regular use can help keep pores clean and less noticeable. Also, products that are formulated with ingredients like salicylic acid can be effective in controlling excess oil production, making them beneficial for those with oily or acne-prone skin.

  1. Soothing and calming properties

Some toners include ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera, or green tea extracts, which can have soothing and anti-inflammatory effects, making them suitable for sensitive or irritated skin.

  1. Exfoliating action

Certain toners contain gentle exfoliating agents like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). These help to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover, resulting in a brighter complexion and improved skin texture.

How to Use Toners Effectively

Using a toner is a straightforward process, and it can be incorporated into your skincare routine both in the morning and evening. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use toner effectively:

  1. Use it twice a day

Toner can be used both in the morning and at night to get the most effects. Before applying the product, prepare the skin by washing your face with a gentle cleanser suited for your skin type.

  1. Apply the toner

There are two common methods for applying toner.

☆Pour a small amount of toner onto a cotton pad

Moisten the cotton pad with enough toner to cover your face. Gently swipe the cotton pad across your face, avoiding the eye area. Start from the centre of your face and move outward in upward motions. Repeat until your entire face is covered.

☆Pour a small amount of toner into your palms

This method is known as "patting" or "pressing" the toner into your skin. Pour a few drops of toner into your cupped palms, then press them onto your face. Gently pat the toner into your skin using light, upward motions. Repeat until your entire face is covered.

  1. Follow with the rest of your skincare routine

Once the toner has been absorbed, continue with the rest of your skincare routine. Apply any serums, treatments, and moisturisers as needed. The toner helps enhance the absorption and effectiveness of the subsequent products.

Choose The Right Toner By Skin Type & Concerns

By Skin Type

Dry skin

PYUNKANG YUL Essence Toner (100ml or 200ml) - From £11.00

PYUNKANG YUL Essence Toner (100ml or 200ml)

This gentle essence toner is an ideal choice for all skin types due to its lightweight, fast-absorbing yet highly hydrating nature. For those seeking additional hydration, layering this product is an option without worrying about any sticky residue. The formula boasts 93% astragalus root extract, enriched with an abundance of skin-friendly minerals and antioxidants.

Combination & Oily skin

BEAUTY OF JOSEON Green Plum Refreshing Toner : AHA + BHA (150ml) - £17.00

BEAUTY OF JOSEON Green Plum Refreshing Toner : AHA + BHA (150ml)

Sebum control is more critical for combination to oily skin types to keep smooth, clear complexion. This distinctive bubble toner, designed for gentle daily exfoliation and foaming action, is aimed at achieving balanced, brightened and clarified skin. The key ingredients include 25% freshly picked Green Plum Water and 3% Glycolic Acid (AHA), effectively eliminating surface dead skin cells to promote skin radiance and encourage cell turnover, reducing pigmentation and acne scars. Additionally, 0.5% Salicylic Acid (BHA) works deep within the skin to unclog pores and regulate sebum production.

Sensitive skin

HARUHARU WONDER Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner For Sensitive Skin (150ml) - £17.00

HARUHARU WONDER Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner For Sensitive Skin (150ml)

Presenting a fresh hypoallergenic toner, now free from fragrance as essential oils are excluded, and alcohol-free (unlike the original version that contained some plant alcohol). This revamp makes it an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive skin, offering a gentle, hydrating, and brightening experience. The toner boasts powerful anti-ageing and hydrating properties, attributed to the presence of hyaluronic acid, which effectively locks in and delivers deep, long-lasting moisture. With an impressive 99% natural ingredient formulation, the standout component is Fermented Black Rice Extract, renowned for its skin-protecting antioxidants and brightening effects.

Normal skin

ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Toner (100ml/200ml) - From £11.00

ROUND LAB 1025 Dokdo Toner (100ml/200ml)

This award-winning toner has garnered immense popularity in Korea and is celebrated as one of the best products available. Its multitasking abilities include gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells, along with providing deep hydration and nourishment to the skin. The formula features Deep Sea Water, Panthenol, and Allantoin, which effectively penetrate the skin, offering moisture and protection against external aggressors. This toner enhances its skin-nourishing properties with over 70 types of naturally derived minerals like magnesium, zinc, and calcium. Notably, this toner is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.


COSRX Centella Water Alcohol Free Toner (150ml) - £16.00

COSRX Centella Water Alcohol Free Toner (150ml)
Using a blend of all-natural ingredients, this soothing and hydrating toner effectively balances the skin's pH to an optimal level, enhancing the efficacy of active ingredients. At the heart of the formula lies Centella Water, the star ingredient known for its ability to alleviate irritation and redness in sensitive skin. Notably, this formula is alcohol-free, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin, including pregnant and breastfeeding women who can confidently use and benefit from its calming properties.

By Skin Concern


ANUA Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner (500ml) - £34.00

ANUA Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner (500ml)

The ANUA Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner has achieved the prestigious title of being the top-ranking toner in Korea, securing 1st place in the 2022 Olive Young Awards. Its outstanding performance is owed to the impressive 77% concentration of Heartleaf Extract, which happens to be the hottest ingredient in Korea. This powerful toner excels in calming irritations, alleviating acne, and achieving a balanced natural oil and moisture level. It further enhances its efficacy with the addition of Panthenol, providing deep hydration to the skin.


HADA LABO Gokujyun Premium Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (170ml) - £24.00

HADA LABO Gokujyun Premium Hyaluronic Acid Lotion (170ml)

This upgraded version surpasses the original with not just 3, but an impressive 7 different types of hyaluronic acid. The results? An ultra-moisturizing Japanese lotion that works wonders by deeply replenishing the skin and effectively sealing in moisture. The outcome is visibly plumped and revitalised skin, attaining its optimal moisture balance. Experience the transformation as your skin becomes notably softer, supple, and incredibly silky-smooth.


NUMBUZIN No. 3 Super Glowing Essence Toner (200ml) - £19.99

NUMBUZIN No. 3 Super Glowing Essence Toner (200ml)

Numbuzin's best-selling toner is a cult favourite enriched with 50 diverse fermented ingredients. This potent formula rejuvenates and strengthens lacklustre, fatigued skin, serving as both a toner and essence to nourish and moisturise effectively. Beyond hydration, it visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles while brightening the skin with Niacinamide and refining its texture. The inclusion of hydrating agents like Glycerin ensures supple, well-hydrated skin. Hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.


ROHTO MENTHOLATUM Melano CC Vitamin C Lotion - 2 Types (170ml) - £18.50

ROHTO MENTHOLATUM Melano CC Vitamin C Lotion - 2 Types (170ml)

Experience the benefits of this invigorating and illuminating lotion, enriched with Ascorbic Acid – the purest form of Vitamin C. Watch as it evens out your skin tone and breathes new life into your complexion. By effectively targeting stubborn hyperpigmentation, it prevents the formation of spots and acne scars, acting as a potent inhibitor of melanin production. Complemented with anti-inflammatory Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate, along with three moisturising ingredients – Alpinia, Lemon, and Grapefruit Extracts – this lotion soothes, nourishes, and hydrates your skin, leaving it revitalised and radiant.

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