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2022 Skincare Resolutions

by Claire Hall 30 Jan 2022 0 Comments

2022 Skincare Resolutions

After weeks, months and years in isolation, lockdown and/or remote working, unintentionally we have reduced our skin's exposure to external irritants including: pollution, extreme weather and daily make up

In preparation of the new year, the new possibilities and the new adventures, below is a list of skincare tips to add to your new years resolution to prep your skin's barrier ready for you take the world by storm.

1. Wash pillowcases regularly

Pillowcases are a breeding ground for bacteria from the build-up of your oils, dirt and sweat, this causes breakouts, triggers allergies and damages the skin.

Skin Cupid Tip: Consider a good quality silk pillowcase to protect the skin

tip 1


2. Stop popping pimples

2022 is all about leaving behind our guilty pleasure of pimple popping.

Introduce pimple patches or spot treatments and save yourself from the uninvited souvenirs they leave behind.

tip 2
3. Start double cleansing

According to research, Japanese Geishas used cleansing oil followed by a foam based cleanser to remove their heavy make-up.

Double cleansing will also remove almost all impurities, leaving your skin healthy
and preventing breakouts.
tip 3
4. Include sheet masks into your self-love ritual

If sheet masks aren't already part of your self-love ritual, this is the year to make it a habit.

Kill two birds with one stone and accompany your favourite self-love activities with a sheet mask.

tip 4

Stay Hydrated.

Fuelling your skin from the inside out is equally as important as your skin care routine.

Drinking enough water allows your skin to be well hydrated, leading to plumper and more resilient skin retained by hyaluronic acid of the skin that holds the water.
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