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All About TIRTIR: Viral K-Beauty for Radiant Skin

by Haruka Jifuku 08 Nov 2023 0 Comments

All About TIRTIR: Viral K-Beauty for Radiant SkinAll About TIRTIR: Viral K-Beauty for Radiant Skin

We are thrilled to introduce TIRTIR, the viral Korean beauty brand that's now exclusively available at Skin Cupid! Since its establishment, this brand has garnered immense popularity in both Korea and Japan, and it has gained numerous prestigious beauty awards in these countries. We're excited to take you on a journey into the world of TIRTIR, where we'll uncover the brand's compelling story and unveil the secrets behind its award-winning products. Join us as we delve into the TIRTIR universe, and get ready to discover why beauty enthusiasts worldwide are so passionately supporting this exceptional brand!


TIR, an acronym for "Trust + In + Radiance," is committed to providing safe products that enhance the skin's natural radiance and becoming a trusted brand for you by meticulously selecting ingredients. Founded in 2016 by Korean beauty influencer Lee Yubin, the brand has experienced rapid growth, transforming into a global company driven by the popularity of its cushion foundations and skincare lines.

Best of TIRTIR

Despite being a relatively young brand, TIRTIR has earned numerous beauty awards on a global scale and has garnered support from beauty enthusiasts, particularly in Korea and Japan. Discover the brand's best-sellers and top-rated products that have received acclaim and love!

No.1 Cushion Foundation in Japan

TIRTIR Mask Fit Red Cushion SPF40 PA++ (18g) 3 Shades - £24.00

 TIRTIR Mask Fit Red Cushion (18g)

The brand's iconic Mask Fit Red Cushion has achieved sales exceeding 5 million units in Japan within just two years since its launch. It has also received more than 30 awards across both online and offline platforms. This product is distinguished by its unique formula, featuring air-layered powder, which effectively minimises excess facial oil and ensures a consistently smooth and flawless complexion. It delivers a perfect matte finish that is smudge-free and lasts for up to 72 hours.

Every TIRTIR cushion foundation offers a distinct finish and longevity, allowing you to customise your choice based on your preferences. Look up the ideal cushion for you by referring to the chart below.

TIRTIR Cushion Foundation Comparison

Perfect Makeup Base for Boosting Glow

TIRTIR Mask Fit Tone Up Essence SPF30 PA++ (30ml) - 2 Colours - £22.50

TIRTIR Mask Fit Tone Up Essence (30ml)

The award-winning Mask Fit Tone Up Essence is the ideal choice for achieving a natural no-makeup makeup look with radiant skin. This natural beige colour not only naturally conceals imperfections but also imparts a healthy glow while keeping the skin hydrated. If you're dealing with redness and blemishes, don't fret; the mint colour is here to help. Its colour-correction ability conceals imperfections and provides a flawless canvas for your foundation.

Get Juicy Lips with Nourishing Lip Oils

TIRTIR My Glow Lip Oil (5.7ml) - 2 Colours - £12.00

 TIRTIR My Glow Lip Oil (5.7ml) - 2 Colours

Dehydrated and chapped lips are common concerns, particularly in colder weather, but the My Glow Lip Oil is here to rescue you from dryness and deliver juicy, glassy lips! The formula is enriched with Jojoba Oil, which provides deep moisturisation and rapidly restores the moisture balance of your lips. Each variant of the lip oil contains unique nutrients for that perfect glow, with options like honey and flower extracts, including rosa damascena. 

Get Glass Skin with TIRTIR's Glow Line

The brand’s popular Glow Line is specifically designed to provide intense hydration to the skin and a brightening complexion for bringing a beautiful glow! After all, a flawless makeup base starts with a good skin prep.

TIRTIR Milk Skin Toner (150ml) - £26.00

 TIRTIR Milk Skin Toner (20ml or 150ml)

As thick as cream, and as refreshing as a toner – the award-winning Milk Skin Toner has gained immense popularity for its remarkable ability to brighten, smoothen, and enhance skin radiance. Infused with essential brightening agents such as Rice Bran Extract and Niacinamide, it also boasts the inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid to effectively seal in moisture deep within the skin. While it’s a toner, it can serve as an all-in-one moisturiser for those with oily skin types.

TIRTIR SOS Serum (50ml) - £32.00

 TIRTIR SOS Serum (50ml)

Just as its name suggests, this award-winning SOS serum rescues parched skin with unparalleled hydration - there’s a compelling reason behind its acclaim among Korean beauty connoisseurs! Powered by the infusion of Polyglutamic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate, this serum provides intense moisture retention and fortifies the skin's barrier against dehydration while soothing irritated skin with Centella Asiatica Extract.

TIRTIR Ceramic Milk Ampoule (40ml) - £34.99

 TIRTIR Ceramic Milk Ampoule (10ml or 40ml)

If you're searching for a perfect hydrating serum that can give you a radiant "glass skin" glow, Try TIRTIR Ceramic Milk Ampoule! This serum consists of 3 layers - oil, essence, and a vegan milk complex - infused with ingredients like rice bran oil and ceramides. It not only brightens your skin but also offers anti-ageing benefits, while the resulting glow can last for up to 50 hours!

TIRTIR Ceramic Cream (50ml) - £25.00

 TIRTIR Ceramic Cream (50ml)

TIRTIR Ceramic Cream is a rich and perfect moisturiser for dry skin! It effortlessly melts into the skin, providing intense hydration while reinforcing the skin barrier and leaving a lovely glow. With the inclusion of Polyglutamic Acid and Shea Butter Extract, the cream deeply moisturises the skin's layers, bestowing a beautiful radiance, and offers soothing properties to calm irritated skin.

TIRTIR Centella Foam Cleansing (150ml) - £15.00

TIRTIR Centella Foam Cleansing (150ml)

Utilising the brand's fine dust cleansing technology, TIRTIR Cemtella Foam Cleansing is clinically proven to remove 95% of fine dust in a single use! Formulated with highly-concentrated Centella Asiatica Extract, it calms and balances the skin, while the inclusion of Snail Secretion Filtrate ensures impurities are removed without drying the skin.

TIRTIR Ampoule Mask Series (4 Types)

 TIRTIR Ampoule Mask Series (4 Types)

TIRTIR Ampoule Mask Series is often sold out in Japan - the products are hyped up for their great formulas and the ability to tackle each skin concern! Choose your favourite from 4 types of masks to provide special care for your skin.

Dehydrated, Dry Skin: TIRTIR NMF Hydra Ampoule Mask (30pcs) - £24.00

 TIRTIR NMF Hydra Ampoule Mask (30pcs)

Inspired by the soft and plump skin of a baby, the TIRTIR NMF Hydra Ampoule Mask provides deep hydration to the skin with the Amino Acid NMF Complex, which consists of 23 natural hydrating ingredients.

Anti-Ageing: TIRTIR Galactomyces Ampoule Mask (30pcs) - £24.00

 TIRTIR Galactomyces Ampoule Mask (30pcs)

Drawing inspiration from the soft hands of alcohol manufacturers, the TIRTIR Galactomyces Ampoule Mask (30pcs) features Galactomyces and 6 types of probiotics to smooth the skin's surface and provide anti-ageing benefits

Dull, Uneven Skin Tone: TIRTIR Perfect C Vita Ampoule Mask (30pcs) - £24.00

 TIRTIR Perfect C Vita Ampoule Mask (30pcs)

Designed to brighten the complexion and revitalise the skin, TIRTIR Perfect C Vita Ampoule Mask is formulated with 99% pure vitamin C sourced from the UK, as well as a Vitamin Boost Complex to aid in the optimal absorption of vitamin C and condition the skin.

Redness, Acne-prone Skin: TIRTIR Tea Tree Clear Ampoule Mask (30pcs) - £24.00

 TIRTIR Tea Tree Clear Ampoule Mask (30pcs)

The TIRTIR Tea Tree Clear Ampoule Mask is a great choice for soothing irritated skin, thanks to its innovative Tea Tree Core Complex, composed of 3 tea tree-based ingredients and 5 types of herbs. This unique formula calms, moisturises, and provides specialised care for sensitive skin.

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