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K-Beauty Dupes: MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule vs Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

by Haruka Jifuku 06 Oct 2023 0 Comments

K-Beauty Dupes: MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule vs Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair SerumK-Beauty Dupes: MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule vs Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

Eager to rejuvenate your skincare routine? Fine lines and wrinkles, common skincare concerns for many, lead us on a quest for top-notch anti-ageing products. Enter Bifida ferment lysate, the superstar of anti-ageing ingredients, celebrated for its antioxidant-rich probiotic prowess This dynamic ingredient is renowned for its remarkable anti-ageing capabilities, notably its ability to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It acts as a catalyst for the skin's innate repair mechanisms, ultimately unveiling a smoother and more youthful complexion.

When you're in search of effective anti-ageing skincare products, Estee Lauder's renowned Advanced Night Repair Serum consistently ranks at the top of the list. This product has garnered acclaim from beauty enthusiasts over the years for its potent blend of bifida ferment lysate and other fermented ingredients, backed by numerous positive reviews.

However, are you aware that there exists a more budget-friendly serum with many of the same ingredients and comparable results from MISSHA? Allow us to introduce you to the MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule, a compelling candidate to become your new favourite anti-ageing serum!

Fermented Ingredients

Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Serum and MISSHA's Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule both feature Bifida Ferment Lysate and Lactobacillus Ferment, renowned for their anti-ageing and skin-firming properties. However, there are some notable differences in their formulations.

In Estee Lauder's serum, water is the primary ingredient, with fermented components appearing lower in the list. In contrast, MISSHA's serum boasts over 50% Bifida Ferment Lysate, placing it prominently in the ingredient list and indicating a higher concentration of this beneficial ingredient.

Moreover, MISSHA's serum goes above and beyond by including extra fermented ingredients, enhancing its potential advantages for your skin. The product description indicates that the ampoule contains a 77.2% concentration of Missha's Extreme Biome, featuring 10 probiotics to improve skin moisture, strength, and luminosity. It is formed by soybean ferment extract, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, bifida ferment filtrate, lactobacillus ferment, lactobacillus ferment lysate, lactobacillus/acerola cherry ferment, lactobacillus/punica granatum fruit ferment extract, aspergillus ferment. This is in contrast to Estee Lauder's serum, which contains only the 2 probiotics.

Other Ingredients

Both products feature key ingredients like Squalane and Sodium Hyaluronate for moisturising and skin protection, along with sodium hyaluronate to maintain deep skin hydration. However, Nonetheless, there exists a disparity in their compositions.

Estee Lauder's product places emphasis on soothing and reducing inflammation, incorporating ingredients such as Camomile extract, Bisabolol, and Caffeine, which revitalizes tired skin. On the other hand, the Korean ampoule boasts a formula enriched with various anti-ageing components like Niacinamide and herbal extracts, in addition to its hydrating agents. For instance, the included sugarcane extract and beetroot extract are both anti-inflammatory and effective in moisturising the skin.


The Estee Lauder serum boasts a light, silky texture that effortlessly penetrates the skin without any heaviness or greasiness. It smoothly glides on, ensuring easy application and rapid absorption. 

Conversely, the Missha Ampoule exhibits a slightly denser consistency compared to the Estee Lauder serum. It maintains a touch of viscosity while still absorbing effectively into the skin, imparting a luxurious sensation upon application.


Despite the similarities between these two serums, there's a significant difference in their pricing. Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Serum is priced at £89 for a 50ml bottle, whereas MISSHA's Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule is available for £34 for the same quantity. This represents nearly 40% of the cost of Estee Lauder's serum, making Missha's ampoule an excellent and more affordable alternative to this award-winning anti-ageing serum.

While the consistency and key ingredients are similar, MISSHA’s formula contains more probiotics for maximum anti-ageing and nourishment, and of course, that price point is a massive bonus! Shop here for the winning K-beauty dupe,  MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule!

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