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K-skincare is bigger and more popular than ever before and it’s not hard to see why! With the focus being on prevention rather than covering up, Korean skincare uses lots of natural ingredients that are hugely beneficial to the skin- with hydration being the key to success.

Giving a healthy glow, minimising oil production and plumping the skin, Korean skincare has become incredibly popular over the years, and over this time the 10-step skincare routine was created.

Whilst this may seem overwhelming at first, we’re here to keep it simple so you can find your rhythm and benefit from K beauty products

The ten-step skincare routine consists of:

Oil cleanser- The first of a two-step cleansing process that aims to remove excess sebum, makeup and external pollutants.

Water-based cleanser- This second step in the double cleanse aims to clean away water-based debris such as grime, sweat and dirt.

Exfoliator- Helps to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells and helps to increase cell turnover, therefore regenerating and brightening the skin including dark spots and pigmentation. It’s also important to bear in mind this step should only be used 2-3 times a week to avoid damaging the skin barrier.

Toner- Aims to tighten pores and cell gaps after cleansing, preventing more impurities from getting into the skin.

Essence- Revitalise the skin and help to increase cell turnover by using an essence packed full of active ingredients.

Serum/Ampoule- This stage of the skincare process focuses on your skin concerns such as wrinkles, acne, pigmentation or brightening of the skin.

Mask- Give your skin the boost it deserves with a luxurious and affordable skincare mask.

Eye care- Brighten, de-puff and hydrate your eyes.

Moisturiser- Lock in moisture and give your skin a natural glow, all the while strengthening and protecting the skin barrier.

Sun cream- Lastly, protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Want to keep it simple?

If you’re feeling a little out of your depth with the 10-step process, then our sets are the perfect way to gently introduce yourself to Korean skincare. We’ve toned it down a few steps so you can get to grips with skincare, and you can choose from:

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